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May 15, 2024

1. Audio Galaxy reanimates Sir Harry Lauder who animates Gifford Neill
2. John Neill meets John Neill and they don’t like each other
3. Gifford Neill’s boss has a colorful office
4. Mr. Neill gets 3 jolts
5. Mr. Neill’s mace
6. The bay rum mystery
7. Andy D and the mystery of the Chinatown discard...

May 1, 2024


1. Lost old people
2. Oldness at work
3. COBOL yinzer devs aren’t so old after all
4. A cat named Tawm
5. Oldness at Arcade Theatre
6. Scent of the month club
7. Young Mr. Neill builds a toolbox
8. Mr. Neill makes the ultimate hipster toolbox
9. Mr. Neill tries to sell his Soda Crate Toolboxes on Etsy