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Mar 15, 2024


1. UIC succeeds in their quest to get rid on Mr. Neill
2. Mr. Neill fears for the life of his elderly professor
3. Mr. Neill has his head in the clouds with non-Euclidean Geometry
4. Mr. Neill learns nothing in his education classes
5. Mr. Neill enjoys grad school with no tests or homework
6. Mr. Neill regrets: Not going to a party with his professor
7. Not taking a selfie with muscle-men
8. Not talking to 2 ladies in an elevator
9. Not giving an IKEA employee a hug
10. Not fostering a child
11. Not saying "what's up with that guy?"
12. Not playing Scrabble at the Jumping Bean Cafe
13. Telling my nephew 2 story arcs


1. Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy - Git
2. oldmanneill - I'm sorry