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Feb 15, 2022


1. Mr. Neill gets knocked out
2. Three reasons to be in Toledo
3. Watching TV on February 10, 1990
4. Chris opts out
5. Song tapes
6. Mr. Neill gets cornered
7. Mr. Neill gets serious in Columbus
8. Mr. Neill asks a heavy question


1. Bill Carlisle's Kentucky Boys - Roll on old troubles roll on

Feb 1, 2022


1. The legend of Uncle Noel
2. George has magic dumbbells
3. George hacks his gaming console
4. On the 3rd try, Mr. Neill learns not to overwhelm his kids
5. George is a miner
6. Katt's book vanishes
7. Brian misses Iowa
8. Conrad flips
9. The virgin hot tub
10. Mr. Neill fails to ask an important...