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Oct 24, 2021


1. CC will kill Mr. Neill if he calls him CC
2. What's it like being in a gang
3. CC pays his debt to society
4. The name is Jim, not Bub
5. Jim sleeps on our couch and gives out jobs
6. Jim can't afford to be sore
7. Jim was teaching, but it was as if he wasn't there
8. Giving Jim some business advice
9. Mrs. Neill quits her job and Mr. Neill has to scramble
10. Three career paths
11. Mr. Neill forgets the golden rule of banking
12. Learning new education jargon
13. Learning how to code from a scammy sounding website
14. Eating pizza to celebrate the light at the end of the tunnel
15. A return to teaching
16. Mr. Neill joins a bootcamp
17. 748 Warrington Avenue


1. Hal Paige and his Blues Boys - Big foot May
2. Delmore Brothers - Blues stay away from me
3. Little Son Joe - Black rat swing
4. Doc Sausage and His Mad Lads - She don't want me no more