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May 15, 2024

1. Audio Galaxy reanimates Sir Harry Lauder who animates Gifford Neill
2. John Neill meets John Neill and they don’t like each other
3. Gifford Neill’s boss has a colorful office
4. Mr. Neill gets 3 jolts
5. Mr. Neill’s mace
6. The bay rum mystery
7. Andy D and the mystery of the Chinatown discard...

May 1, 2024


1. Lost old people
2. Oldness at work
3. COBOL yinzer devs aren’t so old after all
4. A cat named Tawm
5. Oldness at Arcade Theatre
6. Scent of the month club
7. Young Mr. Neill builds a toolbox
8. Mr. Neill makes the ultimate hipster toolbox
9. Mr. Neill tries to sell his Soda Crate Toolboxes on Etsy

Apr 15, 2024


1. Mr. Neill befriends a group of friendly anarchists
2. Dance party failure
3. Santarchy
4. Pillow fight
5. Luchador bowling
6. Punk rock karaoke misunderstanding
7. Karaoke humiliation
8. Judgy house cleaner
9. 11/11 11:11 end of the world party
10. Glowing in a microbus
11. Asia finds her people
12. Glowing...

Apr 1, 2024


1. Mr. Neill picks a slacker to mentor him
2. Mr. Morrill’s approach to teaching
3. Mr. Neill gives a Geometry test
4. Benjamin no longer has perfect attendance
5. The professor and the Jesus painter
6. 1.5 life hacks from Mr. Morrill
7. Mr. Morrill joins the Army
8. Daniel avoids disaster when the boss picks...

Mar 15, 2024


1. UIC succeeds in their quest to get rid on Mr. Neill
2. Mr. Neill fears for the life of his elderly professor
3. Mr. Neill has his head in the clouds with non-Euclidean Geometry
4. Mr. Neill learns nothing in his education classes
5. Mr. Neill enjoys grad school with no tests or homework
6. Mr. Neill regrets:...